Installation Location And Line Description

Step 1:Remove the lens cover and the double-sided tape of the product
NoteClean The Windshield Before Fixing The Camera

Step 2:Install The Camera Tightly In The Middle Of The Windshield Behind The Rear View Mirror.For best results, it is recommended to install the product in the middle and left 5 cm section.

Step 3:Line Connection
Please connect the 6-star power cord to the OBD adapter (optional) or the 6-star analog cable. More detailed wiring information: see manual 2-2 OBD adapter installation and 2.3 analog line installation
NoteIf you want to connect speed and turn signals, you need computer debugging.

Step 4:Initial Setup: Please Refer To The Setup Process Carefully

Install The OBD Adapter

NoteUse The Obd Adapter For Installation Only If The Vehicle Has A Can-bus Signal.

Step 1:Connect The OBD Adapter To The 6-star Power Cord
Step 2:Connect The OBD Adapter To The Vehicle OBD Diagnostic Interface
Step 3:Start The Vehicle And Check If The Middle Led Is Green
Step 4:Turn The Left And Right Turn Signals On/off To Check If The Left And Right Leds Are Flashing.
Step 5:After Completing The Fourth Step, Check Whether The Functions Are Running Normally.
Ÿ Usually, The Obd Interface Is Located Below The Driver's Seat Or To The Shift Lever Position.
Ÿ Please Connect The Connector Correctly. If The Connection Is Improper, It Will Cause Product Failure Or Damage.

Analog line installation

Step 1:Connect A Four-star Analog Line To A Four-star Interface
Step 2:Connect The Left And Right Turn Signal Lines To The Vehicle Turn Signal
Step 3:Connect Speed Signal To Vehicle Speed Pulse Signal Interface Or Speed Sensor
Step 4:Connect The Power Cord To The 6-star Interface
Step 5:Connect Power, Engine And Ground Line To The Vehicle-related Interface