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BSD (Blind area detection system)

Due to there is a visual blind zone in the rearview mirror of the car, the vehicle in the blind zone cannot be seen before the lane change. If there is an overtaking vehicle in the blind zone, a lane collision will occur.In heavy rain, foggy weather, dim light at night, it is more difficult to see the rear vehicles. At this time, the lane change is even more dangerous. The blind spot monitoring system is created to solve the blind spot of the rearview mirror.

Place of Origin
Brand name Cheyuansu
Product name Microwave Radar Blind Spot Detection Adas Monitor Assistance System
Model number BSD(V)
Warranty 12 Months
Radar Microwave Radar
Direction of movement approached or overtaken by vehicles
Operating frequency 24.0-24.25GHz
Transmit Power 15dBm
Detection ability 5 targets can be detected at the same time
Detection Range

Truck:0.3m-15m  Car: 0.3m-15m                  

Motorcycle:0.3m-10m Pedestrian:0.3m-7m

Speed Range 0.55Km/h-220Km/h
Speed Measurement Accuracy <0.55km/h
Detection Range 0-25M
Operating Voltage 9--24V(9--35V as customized)
Working current <200mA
Working Temperature -40 degree to 85degree
Functions BZD,LCA,RCTA,Door Open Anti-Collision
Detection Capability Targets can be detected same time
Detection angle 40 degree
Adjustment Method FSK
MOQ 1 Piece

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