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Truck Blind Spot Detection(BSD )System

What is BSD?

BSD is called Blind spot detection / Blind spot monitoring.The so-called blind spot monitoring is to use high technology to detect whether there is a car in the vicinity of the adjacent lane, and whether there is a car in the blind spot of the rearview mirror; when there is a car approaching or there is a car in the blind zone, the monitoring system will pass sounds, lights, etc. Way to remind the driver.

This is a blind zone detection system for large cars. The most common blind zone is the blind zone of inner wheel difference, blind zone on the left and right sides. The most dangerous part is the inner wheel difference. It can accurately detect moving objects and accurately alarm the driver.


What is a Millimeter Wave Radar?

The millimeter wave radar is a radar that operates in the millimeter wave. Usually, the millimeter wave refers to the frequency domain of 30 to 300 GHz (wavelength is 1 to 10 mm).

Place of Origin
Product name
Brand name Cheyuansu
Product name Truck Microwave Radar Blind Zone Detection System
Model number BSD(T)
Warranty 12 Months
Radar Microwave Radar
Direction of movement Approached or overtaken by vehicles
Operating frequency 24.0-24.25GHz
Transmit Power 15dBm
Detection ability 5 targets can be detected at the same time
Detection Range Truck : 1ft-82ft  Car: 1ft-50ft
Motorcycle:1ft-33ft  Pedestrian:1ft-23ft
Speed Range 0.35mph-137mph
Speed Accuracy < 0.35mph
Speed Restriction 1.The GPS Antenna when connected activates notifications over 20mph (Example LED + Speaker)
2.If No GPS signal is detected or satellites not found,the system will give notifications at any speed
Operating Voltage 9-35V
Working current <200mA
Working Temperature -40℃ ~ + 85℃
Cables waterproof Radars: IP 67 / Cables: waterproof
Functions BZD,LCA,Easy installation
Detection Capability Targets can be detected same time
Detection angle 40 degree
MOQ 1 Piece

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